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Premium Aluminium can offer you a vast range of products from basic level single glazed full aluminium systems all the way to high level double glazed aluminium systems.

We have been proudly supplying aluminium windows and doors for residential projects, hotels, commercial spaces. It is our 30 years experience in the glass and construction industry which makes us the right choice to manufacture and install your aluminium windows, doors, shopfronts, curtain wall, bifold, partitions, skylights, frameless and much more.

Aluminium Doors

  • Automated Doors
  • Pivot Doors
    • Single Pivot Doors
    • Double Pivot Doors

Aluminium Windows

  • Sliding Window
  • Stronghold
  • Sunset 41mm

Screens and Barriers

  • Balustrades
    • Aluminium Balustrades
    • Frameless Glass Balustrades
  • Security door
  • Burglar Bars
    • Square Bars 12 x 12
    • Polycarb Burglar Bars
    • Flat Bars 19 x 4.8
  • Adjustable Shutters
  • Louvres
    • Fixed Louvres
    • Shadow Louvres
    • Cladding

Shopfront System

  • Aluminium Shopfront Systems

Flush Glazing

  • Flush Glazing Single
  • Flush Glazing Double


  • Custom Skyroof Designs


  • Bath Screen
  • Shower Pivot Door
  • Tri-Slider
  • Frameless Shower Doors


Float Glass

  • 4mm Clear Float
  • 5mm Clear Float
  • 6mm Clear Float

Double Glazing

  • 4mm-10-4mm Clear Float SIG
  • 4mm -10-4mm Pacific SIG
  • 6.38mm -10- 4mm SIG
  • 6.38mm -10- 6.38mm Clear SIG
  • 6.38mm -10- 6.38mm Arctic Snow SIG
  • 6.38mm -10- 6.38mm Low E SIG

Safety Laminated Glass

  • 6.38mm Clear Laminated
  • 8.38mm Clear Laminated
  • 6.38mm Cool Grey Laminated
  • 6.38mm Cool Bronze Laminated
  • 6.38mm Artic Snow Laminated
  • 6.38mm S10 Reflection Laminated

Low E Glass

  • 4mm Clear Low E
  • 6.38mm Clear Low E
  • 8.38mm Clear Low E

Toughened Safety Glass

  • 4mm TSG
  • 5mm TSG
  • 6mm TSG
  • 8mm TSG
  • 10mm TSG
  • 12mm TSG


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