Aluminium Top Hung Window PT156

Aluminium Top Hung Window PT156

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Premium Aluminium: Top Hung Aluminium Window Casement 30.5

Product overview

The Premium Aluminium Casement 30.5 Aluminium window is a cost effective, yet standard modern design projected top and or side hung aluminium windows to fit perfectly with your traditional or contemporary home design. This system is designed specifically for the residential market.

The Premium Aluminium Casement 30.5 Aluminium window is a practical & stylish and provides fresh air into your home. Premium Aluminium Casement 30.5 offers a diversity of window configurations to best suit your home design requirements.

  • Premium Aluminium Casement 30.5 Aluminium window is designed to accommodate burglar bars if required.
  • Premium Aluminium use the Y Gasket Seal to Weatherproof and eliminate draughts.
  • Sash hinges on friction stays allows the window to remain open at various angles, restrictor stays can also be used the limit the opening of the window
  • Insect screens can be added at the time of manufacturing or at a later stage.
  • Smooth and silent operation.


  • Premium Aluminium Casement 30.5 Aluminium window is suitable for single glazing and double glazing
  • It allows for various thickness of glass ranging between 4mm clear float glass to 6.38 mm laminated safety glass 6.38mm Clear Laminated Glass
  • All Premium Aluminium Windows are Manufactured and Glazed in accordance with AAAMSA and SAGGA, National Building regulations.

Gaskets and Seals

  • High quality, locally available gaskets and seals are available
  • Affordable and reliable


Available in a variety of popular architectural powder coating colors and finishes. The standard colors are Bronze, Natural Anodized, Black, Charcoal, White and New Silver


Premium Aluminium Casement 30.5 Aluminium window has been designed to accommodate standard local hardware for example, Window handles, Friction stays, Gaskets, Glass and Finpile

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Bronze, White, Natural, Charcoal, Black


4mm Clear Float


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