Senior Aluminium Installer

A Senior Aluminium Installer, installs, repair and maintain equipment. They perform many technical functions and may work at a specific location or go to their client location to install the company’s products. 

An Installer performs many of the following tasks:

  • Conducting repairs on Products
  • Installing Various Aluminium Products
  • Following safety guidelines
  • Performing safety and work tests
  • Ordering tools and work equipment
  • Visiting client locations


  • Being methodical and safety conscious
  • Being physically fit and able to see all colours
  • Being courteous and discrete
  • Using proper judgement and tact
  • Being able to work on own initiative
  • Understanding technical information and drawings
  • Understanding mathematical calculations and other numerical data
  • Operating in high places
  • Taking measurements and performing calculations
  • Being practical and reasonable
  • Planning and customer service
  • May work typical office hours or work on a shift basis. Must be flexible.


An Installer must have the technical knowledge and skill about the various Products that is being installed. Generally Installers must be highly technical, able to work and resolve issues, as well as learn fairly quickly.

Drivers License is Essential.


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